Click on form name for a printable copy.

Home Security Checklist (Print and use this checklist to evaluate the physical security of your home.)

Requirements for Home Certification and Insurance Discount (Texas Insurance Code)

Watch My House! (Print form, complete it and provide to your Block Captain for use while you are away.)

Kerrville Police Department Residential Security Check Request (Print form, complete it and drop it by the KPD for officers to check your house while you are away.)

Household Inventory Form (Printable forms for room-by-room listing of furniture, valuables, etc. and their value.)

Police Department Ride-Along Application (Print and complete forms and drop by the KPD for permission to ride along with a KPD Officer on patrol.)

Citizen Police Academy Application (Print and complete form and drop by the KPD.) The Citizen Police Academy is an excellent program designed to inform and educate citizens about the functions and activities of the Kerrville Police Department. Academy graduates are then eligible to join the Kerrville Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association, which is involved in a variety of activities in support of the KPD.

Request for Public Records (Print and complete form and drop by the KPD.) Use this form to request copies of public records held by the Kerrville Police Department. See Texas Public Information Act for guidelines related to the release of public records.

Kerrville Police Department Local Background Check (Print and complete form and drop by the KPD.) Use this form to request a background check. Be advised that these checks will include ONLY those records related to criminal history within the Kerrville city limits. If you need a county check, you will need to request that from the Kerr County Sheriff. State-wide checks must be requested from the Texas Department of Public Safety.