(The pool normally opens on April 15 and closes on October 15.)

1. There is no lifeguard on duty; swim at your own risk.

2. Pool gate must be kept locked and the key must remain in the custody of the member at all times. Restroom doors are not to be propped open.

3. Infants or non-toilet-trained children must wear swim diapers in the pool. No diapers can be changed in the pool area; they must be changed outside of the fenced pool enclosure.

4. Members and guests 15 years and older may swim at any time. Children under 15 must be accompanied by a responsible adult of at least 18 years of age. Children under 15 are not allowed in the pool area after 10PM.

5. Pool use is restricted to residents and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by a resident. Unauthorized persons using the pool will be trespassing and may be prosecuted.  No more than six guests per household may use the pool at one time. If more than six guests are expected, the pool must be reserved (see#6).

6. Pool parties are not allowed without a prior reservation and a $35 fee for 4 hours or a $55 fee for 6 hours, paid in advance.  Use of the Clubhouse during pool parties should be restricted to the restrooms unless the Clubhouse is also reserved. You may reserve both the pool and Clubhouse for a $75 fee for 4 hours or a $90 fee for 6 hours.

7. The pool may be reserved for a maximum of six (6) hours.

8. The resident making the reservation is responsible for any damage and clean up of the pool area.

9. No pets are allowed within the pool enclosure.

10. No breakable containers are allowed within the pool enclosure.

11. All persons using the pool shall remove all of their materials and refuse.

12. Swimming attire is required at all times.

13. No smoking in community areas including park, pool and clubhouse.

14. These rules, signs posted in the pool area, and common sense shall be observed at all times.

15. The pool telephone is provided for 911 emergency calls only.

16. Vandalism will be reported to the Kerrville Police Department. If the vandals live in Oak Hollow Estates and are members of OHHA, the head of the household will be responsible for repair costs.

17. Violation of any of the above rules and regulations may result in suspension of pool privileges for a period deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. Following a Board of Directors decision to suspend pool privileges, the resident must relinquish their pool gate key.  Refusal to relinquish the key will result in the lock being re-keyed, the cost of which will be billed to the resident, and the resident’s loss of pool privileges for the remainder of the year.

18. Only one key is authorized to be issued per lot, and, if the lot is rented, then it is up to the owner to decide if he keeps them or hands them over to the renters. If given to renter, a rental or leasing of your home form must be signed by homeowner and tenant.


We, the undersigned residents of Oak Hollow Estates, residing at ________________________,

hereby acknowledge receipt of Pool Gate/Clubhouse Key #__________ 

We agree to comply with the pool rules and regulations as stated in this document. Further, we understand that release of the key to any person who is not a resident of Oak Hollow Estates and authorized unescorted access to the pool is a serious violation of policy and will result in suspension of our pool privileges.  In the event that I rent this house, I understand I may either retain the key and rights to the pool, or give the key and those rights to the renter, but not both.  Lastly, we acknowledge that replacement of a lost key will require a statement of the circumstances regarding its loss and the payment of a $15.00 fee for the replacement key.

Signature_________________________   Signature_________________________     Date_____________________________

Revised 05/28/20