Committees are the life blood of the Association. Following are the OHHA committees and their responsibilities. We sincerely thank all residents who have taken of their time and talents to help our community.
If you’d like to volunteer for a committee, please contact the committee chairperson. Names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of committee chairpersons can be found in the Membership Directory.
Committee Membership:
Standing Committee Members (Chairperson listed 1st)
Architectural Control: John Sawyer, Peg Hainey
Pool & Clubhouse: John Sawyer, Caitlin Probandt, Marion Worthington, Beth Bates
Park & Grounds: John Sawyer, Mike Martin, Marion Worthington
Community Liaison: John Sawyer/TBA
By-Laws, Handbook, CCR’s: Candace Corwin/TBA
Welcoming: Jessica Sawyer
Social: Candace Corwin, Pattie Kankelfitz
Safety & Security: Ryan Martin, Jesse Valdez, Polly Mettlach, Malcolm Bolger, Paul Kerley, Trevor Lubianski
Website: Jessica Sawyer, Allison Carroll
Finance and Audit: Wayne Kankelfitz, Julie Folwell
Nominating: TBD
Last Update May 21, 2020


Oversees and approves new construction, as well as modifications to existing structures, ensuring that plans are in conformance with specifications contained in applicable Articles in appropriate Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.


Monitors the pool area; advises BOD of needed repairs and improvements; publishes and keeps updated the rules for pool use; ensures that the membership is aware of and abides by those rules; monitors and maintains water quality.

Monitors the physical condition of the clubhouse and advises BOD of any discrepancies. Recommends to BOD any needed or suggested improvements, repairs or changes in equipment, furniture, decor, lighting and use of the facility. Monitors cleanliness of facility.


Oversees performance by the contractor responsible for caring for the lawn and shrubbery in the common areas. Also performs actual grounds maintenance duties that fall outside the responsibility of the contractor.


Plans, organizes and executes community social events.


Visits new residents, welcoming them to the community and providing information and documents relevant to Oak Hollow Estates and the homeowners association.


Oversees, researches and addresses safety, health and security matters that fall under the purview of the homeowners association.


Maintains the Association Internet web site, ensuring that all official Association documents are available, along with board member information, membership directory, operating statement, board meeting minutes, social events, etc., are accessible to our members.


Develops and annually updates the Association’s five-year plan, ensuring that long range (new) projects, as well as forecasted replacement and/or upgrading of existing Common Facilities are accurately identified and cost-estimated.


Ad hoc committee formed prior to the annual April homeowners meeting to solicit residents to run for upcoming director vacancies.