• The meeting was called to order by John Sawyer at 6:00 p.m.
  • Board members present: John Sawyer, President; Candace Corwin, Secretary; Wayne Kankelfitz, Treasurer; Jessica Sawyer, Member at Large. Board member absent: Ryan Martin
  • Proof of notice of meeting: Agenda for meeting was emailed to all residents May 14, 2020
  • Minutes from the preceding meeting were emailed to all residents on April 27, 2020. There were no corrections or additions, and the minutes were approved as written.
  • There are three newly elected Directors: Ryan Martin, Vice-President; Candace Corwin, Secretary; and Jessica Sawyer, Member at Large. John Sawyer, who previously served as Vice-President, is now President, replacing Mike Grillo, who no longer lives in Kerrville. Wayne Kankelfitz continues his term as Treasurer. This is the new Board for the 2021 Fiscal Year.
  • Outgoing Directors Patti Kankelfitz and Pat Byrne, whose terms of office have expired, were recognized for their years of service on the Board. As a small token of our appreciation, coffee mugs were delivered to each of them by Board members. On behalf of the entire community, a big “Thank You” goes out to Patti and Pat, for their commitments of time and dedication in conducting the business of the Association.
  • A special invitation to attend this Board Meeting had been extended to all residents who have volunteered to work on committees during the Fiscal Year, 2021. The Board welcomed Caitlin Probandt, Paul Kerley (and Debra), Allison Carroll (and Adam), Trevor Lubianski, and Ed McCaffrey, committee volunteers in attendance.
  • Some committees have been combined or renamed, and three committees have been created in accordance with the OHHA. Listed below are all the committees, the Directors that serve as liaisons for each, and the residents who have volunteered to serve on these committees:

Clubhouse/Pool (John Sawyer) – Probandt, Worthington, Bates

Park/Grounds (John Sawyer) – Worthington, M. Martin

Community Liaison (John Sawyer) – TBA

Security and Safety (R. Martin) – Valdez, Mettlach, Bolger, Kerley, Lubianski

By-Laws, Handbook, CC&R’s (Corwin) – TBA

Finance and Audit (W. Kankelfitz) – Folwell

Architectural Control (John Sawyer) – Hainey

Social (Corwin) – P. Kankelfitz

Welcoming (Jessica Sawyer)

Website (Jessica Sawyer) – Carroll

  • Reports of Officers and Committees

Clubhouse/Pool: Residents were notified on May 10 that the pool is now open at 50% capacity (maximum of 20 people at a time). Per Executive Order of the Governor, recommended signage was posted, and hand sanitizer is furnished. There is no change in the rules for reserving the clubhouse and pool this year.

Park/Grounds: Nothing to report.

Community Liaison: This will be a new committee described in the By-Laws that includes monitoring the planning and zoning commission of the City of Kerrville and notifying the Board of proposed actions by the City of Kerrville which affect Oak Hollow Estates. The Committee shall also generally coordinate activities and information dissemination between OHHA and the community surrounding OHHA. If anyone is interested in working on this committee, please let John Sawyer know.

Security and Safety Committee: There was discussion that we should activate the Neighborhood Watch program again. Ed McCaffrey suggested that when new residents are welcomed, they are advised who their nearest Block Captain is. Residents should be encouraged to let the Block Captain know if they will be out of town, e.g. Ryan will be contacting committee members in the near future.

By-Laws, Handbook, CC&R’s: This is a new committee whose purpose is to monitor and propose amendments to the by-laws and CC&R’s so that they conform with current practice if current practice is more efficient and effective. In addition, updates are needed to bring the Handbook and HOA forms current. If anyone is interested in volunteering for this committee, please let Candace Corwin know.

Finance and Audit: Wayne passed out copies of the April, 2020, Operating Statement and explained the expenses. There were no questions or concerns raised. A copy of this will be posted on the bulletin board and now that we have someone to work on the website, will be posted on the website as a matter of routine. Julie Folwell has agreed to continue to conduct regular audits. Wayne reported that dues are still coming in. He read two notes from Bev and Kent Bond, and from Jeanette Cafferty, who each expressed appreciation to the Board members for the work they do for the community.

Architectural Control: John Sawyer reported that he and Peg Hainey reviewed house plans from Gray Construction Company. They requested some additional information and are waiting to hear back.

Social Committee: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, no activities are currently being planned. Hopefully, we will be able to plan a National Night Out party this year. If you would like to help with this, please let Patti Kankelfitz know.

Welcoming Committee: Jessica Sawyer reported that all new residents have received Handbooks and paperwork. Key logs, etc. are in good order and up to date. She agreed that it would be good to let new residents know who their Block Captain is and will do so once this gets organized.

Website: This is a new committee. About the same time Allison Carroll volunteered to update the Oak Hollow Estates website, it crashed. Since we have not had anyone to make any changes for several years now, Wayne contacted the original developer, Clay McClure, who was able to get it back online a little at a time. The Directory just became available May 21, and Jessica Sawyer updated it with changes she was aware of. However, the Private Pages are not password protected. Wayne will contact Clay to see if he can password protect all private pages, and if there are any other issues, Allison or Jessica will contact Clay directly. Eventually, the plan is to post all communications to residents (meeting notices, minutes, invitations to clubhouse events, financial statements, annual budget). Please check your Directory listing and advise Jessica of any changes needed.

  • Unfinished Business:

Latest update on pool opening – Covered by Clubhouse/Pool Report above.

Status of OHHA website – Covered by Website Report above.

Clubhouse bathrooms need updating – Discussions continued as to the deteriorating condition of the bathroom floors and fixtures. We agreed to have the Clubhouse/Pool Committee make recommendations to the Board for updating. Bids will be needed, and the work will require OHHA approval. If you would like to volunteer to work on this committee, or have expertise or knowledge that would be helpful, please contact John Sawyer.

Revisit rules for reserving clubhouse and pool – Covered under Clubhouse/Pool Report.

Handbook and CC&R’s need revisions – This will be handled by the newly-created By-Laws, Handbook, and CC&R’s committee. If you would like to volunteer to help with this committee, let Candace Corwin know.

  • New Business:

Consider implementing a quarterly yard recognition program – The Board and attendees agreed this would be good for the community. John Sawyer has assigned this to the Grounds Committee, who will make recommendations for implementing. It was suggested that we have a yard sign made and come up with a program to give the winner a gift certificate to some place like Home Depot or a plant nursery.

Determine feasibility of having all house numbers painted on all curbs. This will be turned over to a committee (Grounds, or Safety and Security) to make recommendations. We would plan for consistent numbering throughout the subdivision as to style, color, placement, etc. Homeowners would be advised in advance when it would be done, and would have the opportunity to opt out. The HOA would pay for all the numbering, so there would be no additional cost to the individual homeowner. It would make it much easier to see house numbers for visitors, delivery people, and emergency vehicles.

Install safety strips at top of clubhouse steps – The original strips have disintegrated, and a dangerous situation currently exists in wet weather. A recent fall was fortunately not more serious. This project will be turned over to the Clubhouse/Pool committee to make recommendations. If you would like to be involved or have expertise or knowledge that would help, please let John Sawyer know.

Get bids for adding railing(s) for clubhouse steps – The consensus was that if the costs are not prohibitive, it would be of benefit to those of us who don’t have the balance, or knees, or backs, that we once had. This will be another project for the Clubhouse/Pool Committee to investigate and make recommendations. If you would like to volunteer to help with this, or have some contacts or expertise that would benefit us, please let John Sawyer know.

Report on plans submitted to Architectural Control Committee – Covered by Committee Reports above.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:20.


Candace Corwin

Secretary, OHHA